It's 2017 -

Do you have a plan to reach your fitness goals?

(Or do you need a plan that works better than last year?)

7 Days for $7
Test Drive the Ultimate Large Group Training Program in Lawrence
It could be the best decision you make this year!
Remember last year...
When New Year's came and you decided that THIS was going to be the year to get in shape??

Well if you are like so many of us, your story might have looked like this...

New Year's came - yay! You found a gym, joined with a bargain and set off to get in shape!  To get back your athletic body, to fit into your old clothes, to build your confidence, self-esteem and yes, those muscles!

And after about 2 or 3 weeks of hitting the gym hard.  But, no visible changes from your effort were seen.  

You got frustrated with busting your butt and not making progress.  Not feeling different.  And not seeing the scale move. 

So you got impatient.  You slowed down, started going just a few times per week.  Then a few times per month.  And then before you knew it - you hadn't been to the gym in months, your body hadn't changed and you were maybe even heavier, rounder or more out of shape than when the year began!

THIS YEAR - let's change the story. 

Join the Underground Lab and the most supportive community to stick with your New Year's goals.  

To finally lose the weight -
Shed the fat clothes - 
And be proud and happy when you look in the mirror! 

Because here's the truth - we KNOW our workouts will transform your body.  They are scientifically proven, award winning, and we have hundreds of clients walking around as proof.

The hard part isn't finding a program that works - we have that here.  

The hard part is taking that FIRST step of joining and then STAYING committed.

So let's talk to realness. 

Give us 7 days - with the special deal here.  We promise to be there every step of the way.  And then at the end of that 7 days, if you aren't hooked, addicted and in love with the high energy workouts, your tighter and stronger body, and the rockstars in the #UGLNation - we can part ways.  

But what we know will happen is you will become part of our fitness family.  It only takes 1 workout to become a UGL addict, but we'll give you an entire 7 days.

 You'll see progress, drop fat, get stronger and feel better than you thought you could in just 1 week.

But most of all - you will meet awesome friends, trust our experienced coaches and find your place with our Nation that you can't imagine skipping another workout, falling off the wagon, or losing progress toward your goals.

If you want different results - join the gym that's different.  Because we're not just a gym - we're a family working to make progress together. 

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Don't repeat last year...
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7 DAYS for $7
7 days of unlimited fitness modules
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  • Unlimited Large Group Training Sessions at the Best Gym in Town
  • Follow our Award Winning Fitness Programming 
  • High Energy, Fast Paced and Sure to Challenge You Workouts
  • Not to Mention the Most Awesome Community in Lawrence! 
  • And No Long Term Commitment - Just a One Week Trial to Test Drive the Best Program in Town
So Why Join Today?
  • Fitness Modules are the only group training program GUARANTEED to get you results!
  • Burn fat and build muscles at the same time with our award winning Fitness Programming!
  • All of our coaches are Nationally Certified, not to mention kick@$$ people!
  • Our studio is spacious, clean and filled with all the equipment you could ever dream of needing! 
  • Fitness Module can challenge ANYONE - whether you are still new to fitness or an elite athlete, we promise you'll leave each session feeling challenged!
  • Our workouts build complete and total athleticism - strength, power, endurance, mobility, recovery - we've got it all!
  • And the UGL Nation is the most supportive, encouraging and INCREDIBLE community in town! You won't find better cheerleaders or friends anywhere else! 
  • One more thing, you are all backed up with our 30 Day satisfaction guarantee! You have absolutely nothing to lose but those unwanted pounds. 
And yes - 
This is a limited time offer! 

Not because we want to trick you or dangle bargains -
 but because we only accept 100 members into the Fitness Module Program. 

 We have 11 spots open and we know they will be snatched up fast. 
 Once we're full, this 7 day trial must end. 
Still hesitating to join?

Sounds cool, but I don't have much time to workout. 

Each workout is only 45 minutes.  We offer sessions early in the morning, midday and the evening to accommodate even the busist of schedules. You just need to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week.  That's less than 3 hours out of an entire 7 DAYS!   If you can watch Netflix or hit up the movies, you certainly have time to get healthy.

What about child care?  

We have a kids' room at the Lab for children who are old enough to be unsupervised.  You train and they can play with friends!  If you have young-uns at home, you and your partner may have to swap training times while one stays with the kids or invest in a regular sitter.  Is your health worth it?

I'll admit - I am pretty intimidated to try something new. 

Every person who trains at the Lab went through the same thing.  It's totally normal.  We promise we are nice people and will make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.  


What happens after my trial?

After your trial ends, we hope you'll stay to be part of our Fitness Family!  One of our awesome Crew Members will chat with you about what membership option best fits your life and your goals! But if you decide we aren't the place for you, we'll part ways (as we shed a tear). 

I am a fitness beginner.  I think I will be lost in those workouts - they sound hard. 

Yep - these workouts WILL challenge you, but we promise you won't be lost! Our Coaches are present and supportive for the entire workout, walking each person through the exercises, correcting form, providing spots, and making sure everyone is on track! From beginners to elite, we will make sure you know what's happening! We'll never leave you hanging, but we WILL challenge you in the workouts! After all, that's where change comes from! 

This is the year to drop the excuses.
What have you got to lose?
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